32 illustrated cards divided into 8 sets of 4
96 polished hardwood pieces in 6 assorted colours
Housed in a wooden box
Includes an instruction leaflet

Educational Approach:
This game, inspired by Fröbel's design, serves as an excellent tool to enhance visual perception, concentration, and logical thinking. The focus on pattern orientation introduces basic geometry and symmetry concepts. Vibrant diamond mosaics provide opportunities for colour sorting, matching, number work, and creative design.

Game Suggestions:
Engage in various shape-arranging and pattern-sequencing activities, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.
Each of the 8 sets of cards features a unique basic pattern. The 4 cards within a set share a core pattern, serving as the logical link. The sequence of patterns progressively changes from cards 1-4, challenging players' observation and spatial awareness.
Developing the ability to visualize patterns as a whole and make simultaneous changes to complete sequences enhances cognitive skills.
Once familiar with tile sequencing, progress to classic card games like Happy Families, Snap, and Memory, focusing on collecting sets.

Recommended Age: Suitable for ages 5 and above
Number of Players: 1-8 players

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