Warranty Terms

The products we sell are covered with a 2-year warranty allowing clients to return defective products or products not fit for their intended use. This limited warranty does not cover the following:

a. Damage due to natural disaster, accident, misuse, normal wear & tear, abuse, negligence, commercial use (unless otherwise specified in the supply) or modifications to the original product supplied;

b. Damage due to improper installation, cleaning, operation or maintenance, or lack thereof;

c. Damage due to connection to improper voltage supply or electrical power surge;

d. Damage due to attempted repair by any party other than an authorised representative of TJ Novelty;

e. Damage due to use of components not approved by TJ Novelty;

f. Damage due to lack of periodic maintenance as instructed by manufacturer on the operations manual and/or care instructions as supplied with product;

g. Damage due to unapproved consumables/supplies;

h. Damage due to exposure and/or contamination from liquids, abnormal corrosive conditions, excessive temperature, humid environments and/or foreign objects;

For warranty claims to be processed, product must be returned to TJ Novelty premises. A copy of the handover certificate and/or invoice is to be presented together with the on-line claim which is to be made by sending the claim form to TJ Novelty reserves the right to check validity of your warranty claim and communicate entitlement for service accordingly.

For the entire duration of the contractual warranty, a product that does not function correctly due to a material or manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced by a product with similar features based on the value of the product and the magnitude of the defect (product replacement or repair at TJ Novelty’s choice if one option involves a cost obviously out of proportion to the other option based on the value of the item or the scope of the defect). Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not give right to a new starting of the warranty. However, if we are unable to provide the customer a new or repaired product within a maximum of 60 days after receiving the return, the customer’s product downtime will be added to the contractual warranty period except if the product returned does not fall within the scope of the contractual warranty. Replaced/repaired goods are to be collected by customer.


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