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Fresh sushi and two pairs of chopsticks are all you need for a delicious dinner. No cooking necessary. Hape's Sushi Selection is all the color, fun and challenge of sushi without the wasabi kick. Young sushi chefs can prepare, serve and enjoy a sophisticated sushi dinner with all the sushi staples: sushi, wasabi, soy sauce, chopsticks and a realistic serving plate. Youngsters will enjoy playing sushi chef with a friend or enlightening a stuffed animal's pallet. The entire set is crafted to Hape's signature high standards, using wood from FSC-managed forests, recycled plastic and child-safe finishes.
24.99 € 24.990000000000002 EUR
The SWNX® Foot Swing is a unique product that helps boost concentration in physically active school children. SWNX® Foot Swing is specially designed for school children (6+) and children’s furniture. SWNX® allows motorically restless children to alleviate their urge to move – in an appropriate fashion. When seated on a chair at this age, a child’s feet do not reach the floor. This being so, the child may be restless and find it difficult to focus and learn. SWNX® provides children with a reliable contact surface that improves their grounding.
69.99 € 69.99 EUR
ZOOB 125pcs
Zoob is a building toy like no other - with 5 different styles of pieces that join in 20 different ways so kids can make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axles that spin and much more!

The Zoob pieces snap, click and pop together in so many different ways that there is no limit to what can be built with them. The moving pieces add another dimension - once children have finished building their 3D structure, they can play with it.
54.37 € 54.370000000000005 EUR
Multiposition Maxi Armchair
Are you looking for the perfect seating solution for your child? Our heavy-duty plastic armchair in a delightful light green color is designed specifically for children. With multiple positions, this armchair can be also used as a bench or as a table, providing both comfort and versatility, making it a must-have for any kid’s room or play area.


1. Durability:
Our plastic armchair is made from high-quality, thick POLYETHYLENE that ensures long-lasting use. It can withstand rough and active play, making it ideal for children.

2. Multi Positions:
The armchair can be easily adjusted to multiple positions, providing different uses, such as: a bench or table for adults.

3. Child-Friendly Design:
The light green color is perfect for children, adding a cheerful and calming touch to any room. The smooth, rounded edges ensure safety, preventing any potential injuries.

4. Easy to Clean:
Parents will love the easy maintenance of this armchair. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it looking fresh and clean.

5. Lightweight and Portable:
Despite its sturdy build, this armchair is lightweight and easy to move around, allowing you to reposition it effortlessly within your home.

Why Choose Our Heavy-Duty Plastic Armchair?

Comfort and Support:
Designed with children in mind, this armchair provides excellent support for growing bodies. The adjustable positions ensure that your child can find the perfect seating angle for any activity.

Versatile Use:
Ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, and even outdoor spaces, this armchair is versatile enough to fit into any setting. Its durability makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Safety First:
The armchair meets all safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is seated in a secure and stable chair. The non-toxic plastic (PHTHALATE-FREE) is safe for kids, ensuring no harmful chemicals are present.

1 to 2 for children from 3 - 7 years (93 to 121cm tall) W: 47cm - D: 50cm - H: 51.5cm - 26 or 31cm seat height.

Colour: Light Green
137.02 € 109.62 € 109.62 EUR
Fraction Tower Fraction Cubes
Colorful, durable, interlocking Fraction Tower(R) Cubes are perfect for exploring and comparing fractions! Children learn by building simple, graphic mathematical models that clearly demonstrate fraction relationships.

Set of 51 fraction cubes can be used alone or with Deluxe Fraction Tower(R) Activity Set (LER 2075). Whole piece measures 12cm High
20.65 € 14.46 € 14.46 EUR