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3D Foam Puzzle Forrest Tree
Looking for an educational and fun toy that fosters creativity and learning? Discover the Build Your Own Toy Edu-Foam Puzzle Forrest Tree! This innovative toy offers endless hours of entertainment while teaching essential skills through play.

• Easy Construction: Assemble your very own Forrest Tree with our simple, step-by-step puzzle pieces.
• Interactive Play: Enjoy two see-saw balancing branches that illustrate Cause and Effect in a playful manner.
• Educational Fun: Use the included Edushape animals to balance the branches and maintain equilibrium as you 'feed' them with the provided 'food'.
• Versatile Use: Take the fun to the pool or bath! Our Edu-Foam puzzle is water-friendly and perfect for aquatic adventures.

• Hands-On Learning: Enhance problem-solving skills and understand basic physics through interactive play.
• Safe Materials: Made from durable, child-safe Edu-Foam that withstands water and rough play.
• Creative Playtime: Encourage imaginative play and cognitive development in a fun, engaging way.
• Perfect for All Ages: Suitable for children of various ages, making it a great addition to any toy collection.

1. Assemble the Tree: Follow the instructions to build your Forrest Tree.
2. Balance the Branches: Use the Edushape animals to balance the see-saw branches, teaching cause and effect.
3. Feed the Animals: Maintain the balance as you 'feed' the animals with the included 'food'.

With the Edu-Foam Puzzle Forrest Tree, learning becomes a fun adventure. Perfect for parents and educators looking to introduce educational toys that blend play with learning seamlessly.

Content: 35 Pieces
33.13 € 23.19 € 23.19 EUR
Tree house Themed Foam puzzle: Engage your child's creativity and problem-solving skills with this fun and colorful foam puzzle, crafted from high-quality, non-toxic foam for safe and durable play.
19.99 € 19.990000000000002 EUR
Educational toy: 3D puzzles "Animals"
A complete collection of toys ""3D puzzles Animals"" in one package!!

Puzzles contribute to the early intellectual development of the child. Playing with the details of the toy trains hand motility, develops memory and attention, improves coordination of movements. It takes time to make the desired picture or model, and this brings up patience and accuracy in the baby. The child develops strategic thinking and learns to make decisions independently.

For one-year-old babies, voluminous 3D puzzles are best suited. Small handles first learn to connect parts, and only then make up a whole figure. It was for the youngest that a unique plastic toy ""3D puzzles of the Animal"" from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Tigres was created. The collection includes 4 animals: goat, cat, dog and chanterelle. Each 3d animal consists of eight large elements that are safe for children from 12 months.

Playing with the puzzles of TM Tigres, children will get acquainted with the structure of the body of animals, and thanks to the color details - they will learn colors. You can not worry if suddenly the baby decides to try some part of the toy ""to taste"". Plastic toys of TM Tigres are certified, do not contain any harmful substances, are of high quality and safe.

Give your baby ""3D puzzles Animal"" and this toy will be the beginning of a collection of puzzles of a little clever man!

The set consists of separate elements from which the baby can collect 4 different animals using the image on the package. A child can fantasize and compose an animal in the colors that he likes.
With the help of a toy, the child develops fine motor skills, imagination and learns to perceive the connection between a part and a whole.

Details can be painted on paper!

In the package - 4 pcs.
9.99 € 9.99 EUR