Corner Wall Guard Plus - WHITE

Enhance your installation projects with our versatile adhesive strips, designed for a range of smooth surfaces. Whether you’re working with plastic, glass, wood, metal, or stone, these strips provide reliable adhesion and can be cut to the desired size. Ideal for various applications, these strips offer convenience and flexibility.


1. Customizable Size: Our adhesive strips can be easily cut to fit your specific needs, making them perfect for a variety of applications. Customize the length and shape to suit your project requirements.

2. Suitable for Smooth Surfaces: These adhesive strips are designed for use on smooth surfaces, including plastic, glass, wood, metal, and stone. Ensure a strong and lasting bond on these materials.

3. Not for Uneven and Rough Surfaces: Please note that these adhesive strips are not suitable for uneven or rough surfaces. Ensure you apply them only on smooth surfaces to achieve the best results.

4. Weather Element Exposure: Exposure to weather elements can affect the lifespan and adhesion of the strips. For outdoor applications, consider the environmental conditions to maintain optimal performance.

5. Surface Finish Considerations: Removing the adhesive strips may cause damage to surface finishes and paintwork. Take care when removing them to minimize potential damage.

6. Application Instructions: For best results, follow the provided application instructions carefully. Proper application is crucial to ensure the adhesive strips perform effectively and safely.

Versatility: Perfect for a wide range of smooth surfaces, these adhesive strips offer flexibility and adaptability for various projects.

Ease of Use: Cut to size and apply easily with minimal effort. The strong adhesive backing ensures a reliable hold.

Quality Assurance: Our adhesive strips are designed to provide long-lasting performance when used correctly. Trust in their quality for your installation needs.

Dimensions: H100cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm

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