Who We Are

TJ Novelty™ is the brainchild of Sarah Muscat, the founder of this business. It is with passion that this local brand carries out its business in the education sector.  It has brought along with it several innovative ideas that may be found in some childcare centres scattered all over the island.  

It is with continued enthusiasm that the owner of TJ Novelty™ imports new concepts into the local childcare market.  Being a family business, it is run by people who are parents themselves and therefore, their main priority has always been safety and quality.

Coming from an environmental background, the owner is also pushing onto the market more sustainable products for childcare and schools. 

Another sector that TJ Novelty™ has embarked in the recent years, is that of sensory.  This is a sector close to heart. It was included in the portfolio as from personal experience, the constant struggle of parents to find the right tools for their children who had different needs, was felt close to home.

With TJ Novelty, customers may have peace of mind that they are purchasing products of high quality at reasonable prices.

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