Metropolis Set Flexible Road Tracks

Toddleroad an award-winning educational toy

"These tracks will form the basis of many hours of fun. I really like that they are designed for little hands, so children can play on their own and feel pride in their track designs." - Feedback on product from the Junior Design Awards 2022 of UK.

Key Features:

Skills Enhancement: Toddleroad enhances a wide range of skills, including hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills (thanks to its large components), and fine motor skills as children connect puzzles.

Spatial Planning: Our toy fosters spatial planning abilities, stimulating your child's problem-solving skills and creativity.

Independence and Confidence: With printing on both sides and the freedom to connect any two elements, children gain the confidence to play independently, empowering them to explore and learn at their own pace.

Educational Fun: Toddleroad doubles as a valuable tool for teaching traffic rules and the importance of cooperation, creating a fun and interactive learning experience for your child.

Minimalist Design: Its minimalist design encourages imaginative and open-ended play, allowing children to create their play scenarios without constraints.

Zero-waste boxes: this is a sustainable product -

Metropolis set: flexible road set of 6m / 26 elements, including 14 straight, 8 crossroads and 4 curves. All puzzles are double sided, can be connected to any other element and is made of food grade SILICONE (No Rubber) . Box is a part of a toy: with carpark printed inside.

Recommended Age: from 4 years
Safety Age: 1 year

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Age: 4 Years+
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