Griplane Hangar set

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Prepare Your Child for Writing Success with our Plane Toy Set

Get ready for takeoff with our Plane Toy Set! Designed to help your child develop crucial hand muscle memory before they even pick up a pencil, this toy is a fun and educational way to pave the way for great handwriting skills.

Key Features:

- Muscle Memory Training: Playing with our planes involves making various flight maneuvers and practicing aerobatics, which engages and trains the muscles responsible for writing skills. This includes the arm, elbow, wrist, and grip, all while encouraging the development of the fine motor skills needed for precise writing.

- Crossing the Middle Line: Our Plane Toy Set encourages your child to cross the midline, a crucial skill for brain development that aids in coordination and cognitive functions.

- Educational Resources: Each box includes links to our website, offering a treasure trove of aviation information to satisfy curious young minds. Plus, access instructional videos on how to perform exciting aerobatic maneuvers for added fun and learning.

Give your child the gift of enhanced writing skills and a love for aviation with our Plane Toy Set. Watch them soar to new heights in their development today!

Hangar GriPlanes set: 3 silicone planes for training the pencil grip (red, blue, yellow). Box turns into a hangar with just a little help and cutting along the perforated lines.

Recommended Age: from 3 years
Safety Age: from 1 year

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Age: 3 Years+
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