17.99 € 17.99 € 17.990000000000002 EUR
Zig, zag, zoom. There’s always a new way to scoot around this endless maze.

Use the beads to help your child practice color identification and counting. Describe the action using descriptive words such as "up", "down," "over," and "around". Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. Portable and engaging, these wooden beads make for reliable entertainment for your child. It comes with four sturdy suction cups secure wooden base to smooth surface while nesting beads. It demonstrates the concept of "inside/outside" and offer peek-a-boo fun while promoting dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and creativity for hours of fun.

Recommended for ages 6 months and up
Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials
Develops fine motor skills.

Product Dimensions: 9 x 19.3 x 22 cm
19.99 € 19.99 € 19.990000000000002 EUR
Chicken Themed foam puzzle
19.99 € 19.99 € 19.990000000000002 EUR
Tree house Themed Foam puzzle
135.99 € 135.99 € 135.99 EUR
182 x 44 x 66 cm
Age: + 3
1.36 € 1.36 € 1.36 EUR
Brightly coloured boats that easily float on water. Sold separately and colours supplied will be random.

Material: HD PE Plastic
Product details: 1 x Red, 1 x Blue, 1 x Yellow, come in a net
Dimensions: L16 x W11 x H9.5 cm

Number of pieces:1
3.99 € 3.99 € 3.99 EUR
Brightly coloured boats in a set of 3, easily float on water

Material: HD PE Plastic
Product details: 1 x Red, 1 x Blue, 1 x Yellow, come in a net
Dimensions: L16 x W11 x H9.5 cm

Number of pieces in the set: 3
9.99 € 9.99 € 9.99 EUR
Learn about colours; learn about shapes; and use as cookie cutters in modelling clay or dough. Can be stacked, assembled and, not least, turned over. For fun indoor and outdoor play, after which the construction cups may be cleaned in the dishwasher. Recommended for children from 12 months.

Dantoy offers a wide range of children’s toys for institutions and has supplied children with toys for many years, thus becoming specialised within quality toys, Danish toys and Nordic Ecolabelled toys. Today’s trends points towards environmental friendliness, and dantoy is taking this very seriously. Having dantoy toys in the institution means that parents can drop off their child in the institution feeling confident about the toys that their child is playing with during daytime, since all dantoy products are safe.

Dantoy Material

All dantoy products are safe. Therefore, we have chosen to add the Nordic Ecolabel (the Nordic Swan) to approximately 90% of our products and more are coming. Nordic Ecolabelled toys are the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries and are, among other things, free of phthalates (suspected of being endocrine disrupting), perfume (allergens), aromatic solvents (harmful), PVC, lead, cadmium, mercury and organic tin compounds (harmful to both health and environment). Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel here: All our products are dishwasher safe, however we recommend cleaning toys with stickers manually.

At dantoy, we only use premium and hardwearing materials, and the products may thus be used repeatedly in the sandpit, in kindergarten, in the garden or in the playground.

- Nordic Ecolabel certification
- Made in Denmark
- Contains no harmful toxins
- Dishwasher safe

Child Development

- Builds confidence
- Develops fine motor skills
- Hand-eye coordination
- Improves balance
- Promotes child & adult interaction
- Spurs imagination
- Strengthen social skills

Number of pieces in the set: 9pcs
Dimensions: H:9 Ø:10 cm - 51 cm when stacked
35.60 € 35.60 € 35.6 EUR
Designed for young children, these high quality plastic animal sets are ideal for group play. They encourage children to discuss about different species and their environments. SIZE: HORSE 13X3X11,5 CM - PIGLET 7X2,5X3,5 CM
20.31 € 20.31 € 20.31 EUR
Introducing Wonder Wheels, the perfect toy aeroplane for kids and toddlers. Made from recyclable materials, this toy vehicle is great for pretend play.

This toy aeroplane is perfect for young aspiring pilots to learn about aviation, featuring spinning propellers, foldable landing gear, and a boarding ladder. The cockpit window can be opened and closed to reveal a detailed control panel for a realistic airborne experience. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it also helps in developing fine motor skills. Moreover, it is planet-friendly, made of recyclable materials, and the packaging is 100% recyclable as well. Recommended for children aged 1 year and up.
Advanced Xtra 400 set in bag
93.99 € 93.99 € 93.99 EUR
Interlocking cubes for construction - 400 pieces with worksheets included and more to download from the website
42.99 € 42.99 € 42.99 EUR
25.5 x 25.5 x 62 cm
Age: + 18M
River - landscape
230.99 € 230.99 € 230.99 EUR
An exciting balance landscape with no less than 25 elements that can be combined in any number of ways. The set provides lots of options for balance training, movement exercises and group play and includes a number of play scenarios. Maximum load 100 kg.
HI QUBE PRESCHOOL SET 80 pieces in bag
29.40 € 29.40 € 29.400000000000002 EUR
The Kindergarten range is designed for ages 2 1/2 to 6. It adds wheels, axles, extra cubes, triangle shapes and joiners to the Pre-School set. 4 sections of guides come loose or bound, building on the same same first 3 sections from Pre-School. 80pcs SET BAG
Bino Trafico Bead Fun- FSC 100%
16.99 € 16.99 € 16.990000000000002 EUR
sustainable materials with non-toxic and saliva resistant colours, which are harmless for children.
Small, handy wire bead maze, which belongs to the category of shape and skill toys and is ideally suited as entertainment when travelling or also ideal as a small souvenir and children's birthday present.

This colorful, motorized layout with illustrated blocks in different shapes demands a variety of activities and entertains your child. All wooden parts, as raw material, are sourced from sustainable forestry.

Under the brand name Bino, Mertens supply traditional wooden toys, which serve to sensitize the development of boys and girls through early support and contribute to a more positive intellectual and social development. Playing and learning through the practice of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, ideas for role-playing games and much more are the basis for our products.

These require creativity, sensitivity and concentration from the child and have an impact on the visual, manual skills of the little ones.

Product Dimensions: ‎16 x 24 x 16 cm
128.99 € 128.99 € 128.99 EUR
The Kindergarten range is designed for ages 2 1/2 to 6. It adds wheels, axles, extra cubes, triangle shapes and joiners to the Pre-School set. 4 sections of guides come loose or bound, building on the same same first 3 sections from Pre-School.
57.99 € 57.99 € 57.99 EUR
Gearphun has been launched with a ‘starter’ level of in-class and in-home instructions, including work cards suitable for graded activities ages 4-8. Gearphun Starter sets include all Junior Starter pieces plus the new Gearphun pieces. This includes: 5 hole brick, 25 hole brick, 5 different size spinning or drive gear wheels, a crank handle and end stops.
21.95 € 21.95 € 21.95 EUR
The Time Timer ® Dry Erase Board is now magnetic! Available as a combined unit including a Time Timer ® MOD visual timer in Charcoal Grey or as an accessory to your existing Time Timer MOD. (Please note that the Time Timer MOD must include a silicone case in order to fit in Dry Erase Board properly.)

The Time Timer Dry Erase Board is an activity and message center for office, home and school. It is perfect for time-sensitive messages, visual schedules, to-do lists and to keep schedules on time.

Dry Erase Board Magnet (200 mm x 200 mm)

Accessories not included
Time Timer® MOD is sold separately
Brighton table
99.99 € 99.99 € 99.99000000000001 EUR
Perfect for an art project, board game, or tea party, the KidKraft Brighton White Table-Create Your Own Set! makes playtime easier to manage. Crafted from solid wood and measuring 24 inches tall to accommodate a growing child, this heirloom-quality wooden table has tapered legs that gently flare out to the floor. Plus, with a large central drawer for storing important supplies, kids will stay organized. The neutral white finish matches any decor. 35.75 x 24.00 x 24.00 Inches
Avalon chair - Aqua
49.99 € 49.99 € 49.99 EUR
The classic wooden construction of the KidKraft Avalon Chair makes it a sturdy and lasting addition to any kids’ space. Available in a variety of durable colors and finishes. Dimensions 34.93 x 33.35 x 67.95 cm; Product weight 4.42kg
Worksheets for VO3583
15.26 € 15.26 € 15.26 EUR
Worksheets for item NS3583 - composed of 24 cards (11 x 11 cm) various combinations