37.09 € 37.09 € 37.09 EUR
Mega Set x 9 Balls value pack - Children will love these unique textured balls.
THERAPY PUTTY ( 5 Colours - 5 Strengths )
16.28 € 16.28 € 16.28 EUR
5 RESISTANCE LEVELS: Gradually increase strength with 5 resistance levels of putty. The set includes extra soft, soft, medium, firm, and extra firm level putties in convenient individual containers.

57 GRAMS OF EACH COLOR: Each 57 gram container of therapy putty is color-coded by resistance level for added convenience. Use in the classroom and at home to help children think and fidget while they learn. Perfect for office settings and while traveling too.

SAFE, NON-TOXIC, AND ODORLESS: Made of odorless nontoxic materials to keep you and your child safe while using the hand putty.
7.99 € 7.99 € 7.99 EUR
Children will be fascinated by these fantastic spinning ball wands. Flip the switch and these wands start spinning the bright LEDs inside to make wonderful designs and patterns. They provide children with a great sensory experience.


Power Source: 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Size: 18 cm. long

Usage: Visual effects

Weight: 21 kg
27.99 € 27.99 € 27.990000000000002 EUR
Square Massage Cushion This handy wipe clean cover massage pillow is perfect for heavy use and to use with multiple children due to its wipe clean cover and rechargeable lithium battery.

5v usb cable allows easy charging for 18 hours of use.
2 mode settings allow you to control vibration levels and the Auto on off feature means vibration will start automatically and switch off when unattended.

Dimensions: 30/30/12
Usage: Sensory aid

Weight: 500 grms
69.99 € 69.99 € 69.99 EUR
It is portable and rechargeable. The battery lasts for around 12 hours after one full charge.
Provides calming LED mood light with the help of remote control.
Can be placed anywhere once charged.
Mains Powered.
Multiple units can be controlled using a remote control.
Brightness, flashing modes can be adjusted with remote control.
Provides 6 different colour type of LED mood light.
1.99 € 1.99 € 1.99 EUR
Spikey Light up Baton
Flashing Baton – just tap the spike ball to start the flashing
Spiky ball end made of soft but tough rubbe r
Flashes for 10-15 seconds before automatically switching off
Batteries included
Dimensions:23 cm long
4.99 € 4.99 € 4.99 EUR
Captivating liquid timer
Popular sensory aid
Entrancing colours & flow
Use to teach colours & the concept of time
Measures 15 x 10 cm
5.99 € 5.99 € 5.99 EUR
You simply turn them upside down and watch the two differently coloured bubbles simultaneously walk down the staircase to the bottom of the tube. The liquid timer takes approx 1 min to run through. Please note these timers are for sensory calming and not for accurate time management. The action of the liquid showers can stimulate visual learning with regards to colours and the passing of time. This sensory activity is praised as fun and stimulating.
Dimensions: 115x115x140cm
20 Constructions box
14.99 € 14.99 € 14.99 EUR
20 in 1 box. Containing enough pieces to build several different models.
Mini playground
338.91 € 338.91 € 338.91 EUR
with slide, basketball and bowling; size: 160 x 97 x 105 cm; ages: 2+
37.05 € 37.05 € 37.050000000000004 EUR
60 x 30 x 55cm SIZE 2 - 30cm HEIGHT
12.99 € 12.99 € 12.99 EUR
Wooden cake and cookie set, ideal roleplay accessories.
Junior box
82.99 € 82.99 € 82.99 EUR
Young children need to play in order to learn. Junior Clics Box stimulates the creativity and imagination of children from age 3. The Clics are specially made of soft material for small children. They will easily be able to make entertaining figures: animals, flowers, a boat or a house . The box contains 40 building models, 412 Junior Clics 63 accessories, stickers and 15 building cards for 40 models. Check out similar products like Clics Junior Box in Construction or Clics Construction.
55.99 € 55.99 € 55.99 EUR
Natural wooden tea set, ready for painting at the artist's discretion
39.99 € 39.99 € 39.99 EUR
A favorite with kids and parents alike! The Indoor Outdoor Cooktop is the perfect solution for those with limited space. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for moving around, cooking outdoors, on the floor, on the couch, on the counter to encourage imitative role-play while parents cook, and so much more! Pairs well with Hape play food sets, and is ideal to serve as an introduction to creative playtime cooking for kids of all ages. With quality construction as the hallmark of all Hape products, this is one toy that is sure to provide years of fun!

Product Dimensions: 11.81 x 9.06 x 10.59 inches
24.99 € 24.99 € 24.990000000000002 EUR
Fresh sushi and two pairs of chopsticks are all you need for a delicious dinner. No cooking necessary. Hape's Sushi Selection is all the color, fun and challenge of sushi without the wasabi kick. Young sushi chefs can prepare, serve and enjoy a sophisticated sushi dinner with all the sushi staples: sushi, wasabi, soy sauce, chopsticks and a realistic serving plate. Youngsters will enjoy playing sushi chef with a friend or enlightening a stuffed animal's pallet. The entire set is crafted to Hape's signature high standards, using wood from FSC-managed forests, recycled plastic and child-safe finishes.
139.99 € 139.99 € 139.99 EUR
Double-sided grates, a collapsible side table, moveable wheels and an open-and-close hood make this grill a gourmet's dream. Watch out for the hot coals!

* BBQ GRILL PLAYSET: Give your aspiring grill master the excitement of making a BBQ! With double-sided grates, a collapsible side table, moveable wheels and an open-and-close hood, this grill set is a mini-chef¡¥s dream
* UNLEASH YOUR INNER CHEF: This kid¡¥s grill set has everything your little one needs to throw a delicious backyard BBQ. Two skewers, as well as slices of meat and vegetables, are also included
* REALISTIC PLAY: This pretend play outdoor grill is designed to simulate a realistic grill with clicking sounds. This playset includes over 20 fun play pieces like steaks, sausage pieces, bell pepper slices, and more for the ultimate BBQ
* SPARKS IMAGINATION: The grill toy encourages storytelling and creative play for a life-like barbecue. This playset inspires fun and promotes learning with your little chef using realistic sounds - just like a real grill!
* PERFECT FOR INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: The sturdy build of this grill makes it an ideal playset for kids aged 3 years and up. This set also includes wheels to easily move from inside to outdoors, depending on your child's dinner plans

Product Dimension L: 27.56, W: 14.96, H: 24.8 inches
27.99 € 27.99 € 27.990000000000002 EUR
3 kinds of pasta to get your imagination cooking

• COOK UP A STORM: A perfect gift for any little aspiring chef. The multi-piece pasta playset features penne, bowtie and ravioli pasta. It also comes with pasta sauce, a parmesan shaker, two plates, two forks and a knife
• PASTA PLAYSET: How many dishes can you make with three types of pasta? Add in your protein, add your spice and turn your next dish into something beautiful. Compatible with all Hape Kitchen & Food playsets
• IMAGINATIVE ROLEPLAY: Allow your child's imagination to run wild as they go on a culinary journey and explore different cuisines and create different dish
• EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: The cooking play toy set is not only fun, but a great way to develop and enhance your little one’s ability to learn cooking skills, teach them about flavors and how to work in the kitchen
• MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERAILS: Part of this pasta set is built in a sustainable way using fasal as an alternative for wood.
19.99 € 19.99 € 19.990000000000002 EUR
Look the part as you whip up wonderful meals with this play chef set. Includes hat, apron, oven mitt, potholder, and five measuring spoons.

-Includes chef hat, apron, oven mitt, and measuring spoons
-The apron’s is adjustable and the pocket can hold the measuring spoons and other tools
-The hat has an elastic closure making it suitable for different head sizes

WARNING: The tableware is not intended to contact real food, please do not fill or contact real food.
Award winning PITA POCKET
15.99 € 15.99 € 15.99 EUR
Encourage healthy food choices through pretend play! The Playfully Delicious Pita Pocket Food Set features two felt pita shells stuffed with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetable fillings. Enjoy these scrumptious pita pockets all by themselves, or pair with Hape's other Playfully Delicious toy food sets and create mouthwatering multi-course meals for the whole family. This innovatively designed set encourages healthy food choices while incorporating imaginative role play and storytelling. Toy vegetables are made from wood sourced from environmentally sustainably sourced forests. Durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction make this a toy your child will love for years to come. Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities.